the steve demos

by low pony

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Mathieu razer crash
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Mathieu razer crash great songs !!! /// doesnt sound like a demo at all! :) Favorite track: novarupta.


5 song demo. summer 2014. tapes available soon. maybe vinyl. we're wingin' it.


released June 22, 2014

recorded by jon downs @ the overpass in attleboro, ma during the winter/spring 2014

low pony is:
eric anagnostis - guitar/vocals
dylan kulpa - guitar
shawn costa - drums
jon downs - loose tambourine/de-queef filter



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low pony Providence, Rhode Island

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Track Name: san francisco chronicle
feel it in my bones you ache to know my name
so I'll clue you in clue you in to my little game
little darling
i am not paul avery
hear those somber tones you're taking to the blame
rush this to the editor so we can play the most dangerous game
Track Name: maxed out
quiet down all the whispering
i'm bleeding out of my head again
just tell me how your garden grows
painted green baby head to toe

maxed out at zero decibels
eyes are crimson falling out my skull
kill your shadow and this city knows
(i killed your shadow, this city's ghost)
paint it red baby time to go

open up my broken head (overfill)
overgrown i'm over it (overgrown)
Track Name: novarupta
molten resin starts to resonate
brace your swollen heart for this new break
modern inferno
serotonin serves to recreate
burning bridges best to decimate
Track Name: bendur
i feel a pulse in the middle of the month
the dime's run out for me and you
the dimes run out four ten times two
a bout with hysteria and blue and you

so color me crazy as my eye goes lazy
i'm lazy with a suspect glimmer of hope
hand me my rope

hand me my rope from darwin
so we can win again
the fittest will always be on the shit list

i'm a bendur
Track Name: bz reaction
cloned waves ride dead vibration
super fans boast oscillation
and so we toast to the timeless host
at her weathered post

so we toast to the colder coast
three recurrent waves per second
satisfaction burns
three measured single seconds
with zero lessons learned